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“The Microbiome Diet: Evolving Past Paleo” | Free The Animal.

Not everybody that follows a paleo template diet is as extreme as this author suggests, but I do believe that we are a lot more adaptable than what some popular Paleo authors and bloggers have presented, thanks to our microbiomes. I closely agree with this author about what our microbes do for us.

Unfortunately, many people want to hear the simple explanation, and many times there isn’t one. This can result in journalists, bloggers, and other “communicators” simplifying things to the point where they end up saying things that are overtly false. And simple, false sayings are easier to repeat than nuanced attempts at getting at the truth. So the oversimplified claims may receive far more attention than they deserve. And it is to that, I believe, that the above author is referring.

What to do about this? I don’t have a simple answer. One thing you can do, however, is examine the level of objectivity of the information sources you listen to. Do they give references, or do they think that would be too confusing? Do they quote their references in context? Do the references themselves hold up to scrutiny? If someone gets on a podcast and starts spewing “truth” at me, that’s supposedly true just because they say it is, I shut them off. There is more you can do to protect yourself, but that makes a good start.


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