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This website has been around since 1997 in one form or another as a means to pass along interesting links, or sometimes just as a means for venting. It became Far2Go.net in the summer of 2006 as I recall, although it might have been later. For much of this time I have focused on “looking behind the curtain” and commenting about what is really going on around us. Being aware of such things is more critical than ever, and I hope to have more to share in the days ahead.

About Me

I am a semi-retired database & web developer that happens to think that there is more to life than just existing while being fed half-truths. I worked as a corporate or academic application developer or systems programmer for more than 40 years, and I have been programming and consulting for more than 50 years and continue to do so.

I have no children or close family, which surely alters my course through life. I have been a religious seeker who has sought within a good many different traditions, ultimately returning back where I began as a child, in Christianity. It was a scenic tour, and I met interesting people and made friends, but “traveling” this way has been very hard on my relationships. I want to settle down, but I find that I cannot.

I am now a “church skeptic”, meaning that I don’t especially trust churches — they are not God and sometimes they may not even represent God, as I have learned the hard way over the years again and again. A phrase I sometimes use is “Church Hesitant,” and I sympathize greatly with Reba Riley, author of Post Traumatic Church Syndrome. Even so, I miss my life before 2020, not that I would return to it now.

I remain involved with one local “home” church or another while keeping eyes and ears open, but I am somewhat at a loss as to how describe where I fit into the “church scene”, if I fit at all. I am very intentionally apolitical — none of my hope lies there. As I stated on the home page, it lies in our Creator alone, through his promises and his will. I “see our redemption drawing near”. Many now will disagree, but as they come to see all of their hopes and plans and solutions failing in the face of crushing evil, some hearts will turn. I would hope that many do.

Outside of work I am interested in genealogy,  something I don’t have much time for any longer, and I have done church and parachurch/community volunteer work as able, though I am not as able as I used to be. 🙃

To contact me privately, click “Contact Megan” on the website menu. It might still work. The website too is getting old.



About Me and Megan’s Space — 1 Comment

  1. Family = you are part of huge family…the family of God. I appreciate you putting together this website and being so vulnerable with your experiences.

    I am so honored to know you and am confident our meeting was predestined, probably more for my benefit than yours.

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