TG Resources no longer maintains its own list of resources, but you may be able to find what you are looking for at these websites…

Local (Sacramento, California) Links

Gender Health Center

PFLAG Sacramento links

Sutter Gender Identity Support Group

River City Gems

ContributedĀ Links

These are web pages that others have found helpful and that have been suggested for inclusion here. I don’t actively monitor or maintain these links. If you find a problem with any of them please let me know.

The Transgender Resource Guide


TG Resources — 3 Comments

  1. I am not really sure what to recommend, but I will be at Sacramento Pride on Saturday (6/6/15) and I can try to learn something about which groups are still operating. Trans Families Sacramento is one thought, but I don’t know its current status. PFLAG Sacramento’s links page may have something that could help.

  2. Looking for information to help my 16 year old with her identity as a male, as well as help for me to understand what this means.

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